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About Orange Rabbit Company

Team information

A group of highly motivated, experienced, and heavily equipped professionals; at your service! 

While Orange Rabbit has a “core team” of remote and local workers, we occasionally hire specialized individuals from other organizations to serve your needs better and deliver the best results possible.

We bring joy and happiness to clients worldwide.
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Corporate information

The Orange Rabbit company is part of JML Group Japan, headquartered in Fukuoka City, Japan. Orange Rabbit was established in early 2016 as a sole proprietorship. Its headquarter is located at the JML office on the second floor. 

The Team

Our creative team



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Going above and beyond for our clients

More than just a slogan
When we say, “we go above and beyond for each client,” we mean it. When you choose to work with Orange Rabbit, we are not satisfied till you are. And we look beyond what is now and what will or could be in the future to sure our products will still meet your requirements long after the project has been completed. Through many years of experience and rich knowledge of development in various industries, we analyze each project and adapt and adjust. To deliver that little bit of extra for you to remember us by.

We value your time
When clients give us feedback, we take that to heart. Knowing that you care and taking out some of your time out of your busy schedule to provide us with feedback makes our work more accessible as it provides us with a clear direction and new tasks to complete that will help us succeed in getting the exact results you desire.

After service service
We know as experienced professionals that clients might change their minds after we finish a project. We give you that extra bit of time you need to let it sink in, and we can still make adjustments free of charge after finishing your project.

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