Video Business Cards and You

Top 10 problems the VBC can solve from a customer standpoint

  1. People don’t understand the concept of what you do

                Rapid Understanding – save time explaining your business

  1. People aren’t inspired by your brand.
  2. Usually you(business owner) are inspired but the brand isn’t showing the same.
  3. The video that immortalizes the spark that inspires you. Good for employees to get on the same page
  4. Awareness.
  5. Referral asset – If you have people that refer you, the video is a referral asset that explains exactly what you do. Makes the job super easy for referrers
  6. Awareness without engagement
  7. VBC builds relationships with future clients without you even engaging
  8. You have awareness, and engagement, but don’t have sales.
  1. VBC is a MONSTER for this. It’s designed to make people feel and love the brand.
  2. VBC creates customer breakthroughs – lowers buying threshold
  3. Converts lukewarm engagement to HOT SALES
  4. You spend too much time selling for your business – suppressing your superpower
  1. A VBC frees you up. You don’t need to spend time selling and explaining the business.
  2. A VBC takes the fundamental message of your business, the best sales message, and immortalizes it. You don’t need to make the pitch all the time.
  3. Consulting and sales calls limitations – You spend too much time calling
  1. Send the video by email after the initial introduction instead of a sales call.
  2. Most companies think a video guy is just someone who makes an instagram video for them. Little do they know, a video like this could instantly triple their sales, while saving a ton of time.
  3. The opportunities and recognition you get doesn’t match your brand.
  4. Ex: chiropractors change lives. But people don’t know that. They need to reach journalists or editors for some good pieces – costs a fortune – a VBC will communicate it in 2 minutes.
  5. Your brand isn’t unified under a single message
  6. VBC will act as the north star for their brand. A unifying tool. All your content will live under it.
  7. Your product/ service cannot be understood without visualization.
  8. A VBC can make people feel like they actually experience your company.